Why Xtreme?

With a universal appeal for sports in the country, XSB proves to be a very adaptable model for any city. We also provide automatic assistance in site selection, lease negotiations, interior design execution, operations set-up, and marketing and advertising. Furthermore, XSB has established contracts with multi-national companies for customized licensing model, more so than any other brand in the country.

To summarize, your franchise will receive on-going support every step of the way. Association with an already tried and tested system, such as XSB, allows one to enjoy competitive advantage, maximized profits, and reduced risks of brand failure.

  • Support in Site selection, Lease negotiations and design/execution of interiors
  • Complete pre-opening assistance and access to Standard Operating Procedures
  • Involvement in the initial Recruitment process and Training
  • Use of the Brand name/Trademark
  • Design and Branding support, Brand Tie – ups, Artist tie- ups
  • Event planning and execution
  • Continued support of Operations and steady monitoring of business through Support consultants
  • Regular upgrade of menus/systems/controls and all areas of business improvement
  • Benefit from supplier relationships and strategic partners
  • Vendor partnership, offers and promotional activities

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